Registered Psychotherapist 


Life is complicated & sometimes overwhelming,

Don't Endure!   Don't Isolate!   Don't Hesitate!

YOU can put your life back in focus.  




Trauma (PTSD)

Grief & Transition


Anxiety Disorders

Personal & Family Relationships

Professional/Personal Stressors





Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

Existential & Humanistic

Holistic Approach

Integrative Perspective


(Hypnotherapy is a positive adjunct to therapy as well can address issues such as: smoking, anxiety, stress, self esteem/confidence, and other related "life" concerns/problems.) 






As a product of over 20 years in the Financial Industry I acquired a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the 'hyper demanding culture' of the corporate/business sector.  While developing skills in the areas of: Marketing & Development, Cash Dept. Services, Accounting, Loans, Mortgages, Collections and Negotiations, both in the capacity of management and within the union, the experiential lessons of such a tenure have informed my Counselling.  


I have been afforded the opportunity to choose my second career, one in the area of Psychology rather than that of what I would refer to as 'bean counting'.  My foray into academics/Psychology commenced in my forties.  Propelled by a passion to address and alleviate  the everyday mental health issues that thwart and sometimes cripple individuals, I avidly persued the profession of Psychotherapist.


Subsequent to a BA in Psychology I completed an MEd at the University of Toronto and was Certified by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Assn. (CCPA-2004).  I further became a Certified Hypnotherapist and completed a Masters in Hypnotherapy (2011) and also received my Registered Psychotherapist (RP) designation in 2015.  The highlight of my degrees was the opportunity to work at Millbrook Correctional Facility (approximately 8 months) my supervision being overseen by three, in my opinion, illustrious doctors of Psychology who taught me "that Psychotherapy/Counselling works" and can and does make a difference in peoples lives. 


Throughout my careers I have dedicated significant time and effort to volunteerism and community development via:  the co-organizing of  The Credit Grantor's of Oshawa; work as a political activist; advocated for individuals systemically marginalized;  investment, time and engergy in charities such as Children's Wish and Riding for the Disabled,  


Based on a clear understanding of the concerns, traumas, grief/loss, financial & emotional stressors that plague our every day lives I employ "best practices" and a positive working relationship to secure your best outcome.     



Training/Education HIstory


Finance Accreditation (Certification/Diplomas 1967-1992)

Financial Counselling (1990-2000)

BA (Psychology)Trent University (2000)

MEd (Counselling/Education (2004)

Certified Canadian Counsellor (2004)

Master Hypnotherapist  (2011)

Registered Psychotherapist (RP-2015)

WHO Global Clinical Practice Network, Member

(since 2016)

Contact  Info. & Rates

    Cell  905-243-0354

Home  905-438-0013

Durham Region (GTA), Oshawa, ON


Psychotherapy (full 60 min sessions)

1 hr. session                  $100 - $130

Sliding Scale (please inquire)


Hypnotherapy (Varied Session Length)

Intro. & first session       $150

Subsequent sessions    $100


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